Department of Stakeholder Analysis and Decision Support Systems

Head: Dr. Ebun Akinsete

Administrative Manager: Klea Morianou



This department focuses on projects and original research geared towards engaging diverse groups of stakeholders using varied participatory and interactive methodologies, in order to deliver more sustainable and resilient developmental pathways.  These processes along with inputs from research activities within other ICRE8 departments are utilized in developing integrated Decision Support Systems (DSS) that can capture the complex connections between the ecosystem and human activities to aid well-informed and evidence-based decision making.  These DSS cater to a range of users from policy makers and industry practitioners, to members of the wider public.

Our core areas of research include:  

  • Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis
  • Participatory Methodologies
  • Scenario Development and Evaluation
  • Transition Management
  • Integrated Decision Support Systems
  • Sustainable Development Planning and Policy
  • Inclusive Governance
  • Blue/Green Infrastructure

With emphasis on citizen and actor involvement, our work within the department advances collaborative approaches towards sustainable outcomes within various spheres of activity such as; Social and Technological Innovations, Energy Transitions, Transboundary Resource Management and Governance.  Our multi-disciplinary team draws on global experience from Europe, America, Africa, and Asia; with expertise in academic research as well as practical project implementation. 


Indicative projects:

  • SIMRA: Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas, European Union Horizon 2020
  • DAFNE: Decision Analytic Framework to explore the water-energy-food Nexus in complex transboundary water resources of fast developing countries, European Union Horizon 2020
  • BRIGAID: BRIdges the GAp for Innovations in Disaster resilience, European Union Horizon 2020  
  • SMIRES: Science and Management of Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams, European Union Horizon 2020
  • Building Research environments fostering Innovation, Decision making, Governance and Education (BlueBRIDGE), Horizon 2020, European Commission
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