ICRE8 Departments

Central to ICRE8 research is the concept of ‘total economic value of public goods’ and in particular the value humans derive from natural resources/ environment/ecosystem. Our main research goal is to produce a structured and methodologically sound approach towards capturing the total economic value of public goods, demonstrating this approach to policy makers and achieve its integration in natural resource economic policy. In our view this is the only sustainable way forward for our environment, economy and society!

In doing so we are working on refining the theoretical models and empirical methods used in the field of natural resource, ecological & agricultural economics, towards: (a) better understanding of the concept and determinants of the total economic value of ecosystem goods and services under uncertainty, (b) more accurate modelling of this value, (c) more robust estimation of this value, (d) more efficient integration of this value in long-run cost benefit analysis, interdisciplinary resource management and policy-making.



Sustainable Development Solutions
Head: Andreas Papandreou
Administrative ManagerKlea Morianou 
Academic Manager: Achilleas Vassilopoulos
Website: www.unsdsn.gr

Economics and Econometrics: Modelling and Applications
Head: Prof. Achilleas Vassilopoulos

Stakeholder Analysis and Decision Support Systems
Head: Dr. Ebun Akinsete

Energy, Economic Policy and Regional Cooperation
Head: Dr. Stella Tsani

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