Department of Energy, Economic Policy and Regional Cooperation

Head: Dr. Stella Tsani

Administrative Manager: Klea Morianou



The department conducts original and objective research on energy, economic policy and regional cooperation. At the core of the research themes covered by the department are:

  • Energy economics (upstream, downstream, renewable energy sources, climate change, energy financing, energy and blue growth, micro- and macro- economic management of the energy sector)
  • Economics of resource rich countries including governance and institutional analysis
  • Policy formulations and designs relevant to renewable and non-renewable resources
  • Dimensions, content and prospects of transboundary cooperation to tackling sustainable management of natural resources and shared environmental threats

The department aims at improving the understanding of the micro- and macro- aspects of resource economics and management and how these affect the performance of economies, and to inform policy design so as to improve this performance. The department aims at maintaining and extending its global network of researchers in the relevant fields of theoretical and empirical economics and at making significant contributions to the state of the art through the successful completion of research projects, scientific and popular publications and policy briefs.


Indicative projects:

  • Managing the effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems under water scarcity (GLOBAQUA), European Union’s 7th programme for research, technological development and demonstration
  • Macroeconomic volatility and fiscal policy in resource rich countries, Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus
  • Prospective analysis for the Mediterranean Region (MEDPRO), Socio-economic Sciences & Humanities Programme of DG Research of the European Commission’s 7th Framework Research Programme (2010-2013).
  • Caspian basin approach to oil funds in the face of the global financial crisis: challenges, predictability and recommendations for the way forward, Public Finance Monitoring Centre, Azerbaijan, Revenue Watch Institute, Bank Information Centre, USA
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