ICRE8 researchers meet with Prof. Michael Grubb

ICRE8 senior researchers Stella Tsani and Achileas Vassilopoulos and ICRE8 general administrator Klea Morianou had the opportunity to attend Professor Michael Grubb’s presentation on “Planetary Economics and key issues in energy transition economics”, followed by a round table discussion, also attended by Kyriakos Vlachos, Adjunct Associate Professor of Decision Sciences at Alba Graduate Business School.

Michael Grubb is Professor of International Energy and Climate Change Policy at UCL - Institute for Sustainable Resources, Editor-in-Chief of Climate Policy, and Senior Advisor on Improving Regulation to the UK energy regulator, Ofgem). His former positions include Chair of the international research organization Climate Strategies; Chief Economist at the Carbon Trust; Senior Research Associate at Cambridge University Departments of Economics and Land Economy; Professor of Climate Change and Energy Policy at Imperial College London, UK; and Head of Energy and Environment at Chatham House. He is editor-in-chief of the journal Climate Policy.

His latest book Planetary Economics: energy, climate change and the Three Domains of sustainable development (Routledge, 2014) brings together the lessons from 25 years of research and implementation of energy and climate policies, with supporting website with supplementary materials and presentations here.


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