ICRE8 Participates in HYDROMEDIT 2016

Stella Tsani, Serior Researcher at ICRE8 will participate in the 2nd International Congress of Applied Ichthyology & Aquatic Environment, 10 - 12 November 2016, taking place in Messolonghi, Greece (HYDROMEDIT 2016). Stella will present her work in progress on the development of Virtual Research Environments (VRES) of Blue Economy tools. These tools aim to deliver economic growth and environmental planning capacity-building instruments to confront modern science and economic analysis challenges, as identified by both scientists and aqua-farming industry and investors. ICRE8 participates in the BlueBRIDGE HORIZON 2020 project which responds to the Juncker Investment Plan opening funding opportunities for e-Infrastructures, innovating current practices in producing and delivering scientific knowledge advice to competent authorities. BlueBRIDGE builds on existing EU and International e-Infrastructures providing capacity building in interdisciplinary research communities of scientists, data managers and educators in academic institutions and industries focusing on: stock assessment, socio-economic performance analysis in aquaculture, fisheries and habitat degradation monitoring, education and knowledge bridging on protection and management of marine resources. ICRE8 leads the efforts in bringing socio-economic and environmental impact into consideration when analyzing aquaculture operation performance. The work of ICRE8 acts on identifying, conceptualizing and monetizing the social and environmental impact of aquaculture and combining this with the specific techno-economic and production models of Blue Economy, taking into account data and computational resources in reach.

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