GLOBAQUA Meeting – 28 & 29 November, Athens – Greece

A GLOBAQUA project workshop took place at Athena Research and Innovation Center in Athens Greece on 28th & 29th of November, with the participation of Dr. Vicenç Acuña (ICRA), Josef Adler (ICRE8), Dr. Ebun Akinsete (ATHENA, ICRE8), Antonis Foukaras (ICRE8), Dr. Eleni Kalogianni (HCMR), Prof. Phoebe Koundouri (ATHENA, AUEB, ICRE8, LSE), Prof. Ralf Ludwig (LMU), Dr. Angeliki Mentzafou (HCMR), Dr. Alberto Pistocchi (JRC), Dr. Nikos Skoulikidis (HCMR), Ioannis Souliotis (ATHENA, ICRE8, IMPERIAL), Olga Vigiak (LMU/JRC), Stylianos Zlatanos (ICRE8).

The scope of the meeting revolved around the integration of the work of the different work packages (WP2, WP8, WP9, WP10, WP11) with regards to different aspects of climate change scenarios that each team works on. After the presentation of the individual work of each team, a deep discussion led to a clear pathway on how the socioeconomic and climate change scenarios can be downscaled to the GARB level. On the last day of the workshop, the Evrotas case study (one of the 6 case studies of the project) was used to test the approach developed by the participants.

The workshop was a great opportunity for partners to meet new team members and put faces to names and it received positive feedback form all participants. The partners were able to achieve the aims of the workshop and successfully reached a consensus on roles and responsibilities in the next steps to come.

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