Eleftherios Levantis



CV Levantis

Eleftherios Levantis is ICRE8’s CEO. He is an International Environmental Lawyer specialising in management of protection areas He holds an MSc. In Environmental Management and he is a PhD candidate (Athens Law School).

2013 - 2016 , legal Advisor to the Coordination Office for the Implementation of Environmental Liability, Ministry for Environment , Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA),

2010 – 2013 Legal Advisor to the Secretary for Environment and Energy Inspectorate ,Ministry for Environment , Energy and Climate Change ( YPEKA) ,

2009 –2010 Legal Counsel for the Greek Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change ( YPEKA).

2007 - 2009,Head of Unit Environment and Sustainable Development European Public Law Organization ( www.eplo.eu).

2002-2004 Legal advisor to the General Secretary of the Athens Region.

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