EKLIPSE calls for engagement to develop a self-sustainable EU support mechanism for evidence-informed policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services

EKLIPSE recently established its first working group on a DG RTD request on an "impact evaluation framework on NATURE-BASED SOLUTIONS TO PROMOTE CLIMATE RESILIENCE IN URBAN AREAS". The working group includes 15 experts (based on 117 nominations across Europe). You can follow the group's progress here.

EKLIPSE is an EU-funded project that will facilitate the process of developing a self-sustainable EU support mechanism, building on the Network of Networks on biodiversity and ecosystem services that has been developing in Europe thanks to networks, projects, learned societies, civil society organisations and interest groups. EKLIPSE understand the idea of network quite broadly and thus reach out to projects, networks and institutions that might have a main focus on other sectors (e.g., health, agriculture, social innovation, planning and many more), but have links to the area of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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