"Deep Uncertainty and Climate Change Economics" - Weekly ICRE8 seminar by Professor Nikitas Pittis @ ATHENA RIC

Venue: ATHENA RIC, Maroussi
Date: Every Wednesday
Nikitas Pittis ICRE8

Professor Nikitas Pittis is holding a weekly ICRE8 seminar series on “Deep Uncertainty and Climate Change Economics”, every Thursday at ATHENA RIC, Maroussi.

Uncertainty is present everywhere. If this assertion is true for science in general, it is especially true for the economic and policy science related to climate change. These uncertainties arise from both the underlying science of climate (and the extreme complexity of the climate system), and our inability to perfectly capture the way our socio-economic system would respond, mitigate and adapt to climate change. Even if climate scientists have recently made a lot of progress in understanding and describing the mechanisms at play in the climate change phenomenon, many uncertainties still remain.

This seminar series addresses these questions by surveying the recent decision theoretic literature, while remaining in the context of climate change economics. The objective is to question the way the evaluation of climate change policies should be realized in the presence of risk and deep uncertainty.

Presenters: Nikitas Pittis, Panos Samartzis, Andreas Papandreou, Phoebe Koundouri, Nikos Englezos

If you wish to attend the “Deep Uncertainty” seminar please contact us: info@icre8.eu

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