8 new citations to Prof. Phoebe Koundouri articles

Here are the 8 newest citations to Prof. Phoebe Koundouri (ICRE8, AUEB, LSE) articles according to google scholar (from a total of 3400):


A hydroeconomic modeling framework for optimal integrated management of forest and water

A Garcia‐Prats, AD del Campo, M Pulido‐Velazquez - Water Resources Research

Abstract Forests play a determinant role in the hydrologic cycle, with water being the most 
important ecosystem service they provide in semiarid regions. However, this contribution is 
usually neither quantified nor explicitly valued. The aim of this study is to develop a novel ...

Health shocks and well-being

KF Zimmermann - The Indian Journal of Labour Economics

Abstract Well-being is the ultimate objective of any labour movement. For long, efforts have 
concentrated on the provision of jobs and decent work conditions. Recently, however, labour 
economics has been focussing on health, in general, and mental health, in particular. It is ...

Non-perennial Mediterranean rivers in Europe: status, pressures, and challenges for research and management

NT Skoulikidis, S Sabater, T Datry, MM Morais… - Science of The Total …, 2016

Abstract Non-perennial rivers and streams (NPRS) cover> 50% of the global river network. 
They are particularly predominant in Mediterranean Europe as a result of dry climate 
conditions, climate change and land use development. Historically, both scientists and ...


[PDF] Loss of Value in House Properties due to Air Pollution in Map Ta Phut Industrial Area of Thailand

N Boonyanam - Applied Environmental Research, 2016

Abstract Air pollution in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate in Thailand, has caused increasing 
risk of death, injury and health problems for local residents. Existing control measures are 
ineffective due to weak law enforcement. Although the problem has drawn a lot of ...

STM Dissanayake, P Jha, B Adhikari, R Bista…

Abstract [223 words]: Curbing deforestation is believed to be a highly cost-effective way to 
address climate change. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation 
(REDD+) is a UN program that provides incentives to reduce carbon emissions by curbing ...

[PDF] Estimating the impact of climbing bean adoption on bean productivity in Rwanda: Endogenous Switching Regression.

E Katungi, C Larochelle, J Mugaboo, R Buruchara - 2016

Abstract This paper investigates the determinants of the decision to switch from cultivating 
bush to high yielding climbing beans and estimates the causal impact of adoption of 
climbing beans on productivity based a nationally representative sample of bean ...

An integrated assessment framework for the analysis of multiple pressures in aquatic ecosystems and the appraisal of management options

A Pistocchi, A Udias, B Grizzetti, E Gelati, P Koundouri… - Science of The Total …, 2016

The contribution illustrates an integrated assessment framework aimed at evaluating the
relationships between multiple pressures and water body status for the p.

The Cattle-Wolf Dilemma: Interactions among Three Protected Species

N Becker, Y Farja - Environmental Management, 2016

Abstract This paper utilizes economic valuation to offer a new perspective on livestock 
rancher—predator conflicts. While most studies have considered losses to the species 
directly involved, ie, cattle and wolves (Canis lupus), we take into account other species ...

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