The November 2016 citations to Prof. Phoebe Koundouri articles

Here are the November 2016 new citations to Prof. Phoebe Koundouri (ICRE8, AUEB, LSE) articles bringing the total to 3454.


According to google scholar her work has been cited in the following publications:


[PDF] The effect of improved storage innovations on food security and welfare in Ethiopia

W Tesfaye, N Tirivayi - 2016

Abstract Postharvest loss exacerbates the food insecurity and welfare loss of farming 
households in developing countries. This paper analyses the effect of improved storage, a 
climate-smart crop management technology, on household food and nutrition security, ...


The performance of some state-of-the-art wave energy converters in locations with the worldwide highest wave power

L Rusu, F Onea - Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2016

Abstract The main objectives of the present work are to review the global wave energy 
resources according to the most recent datasets available, to identify the locations with the 
worldwide highest wave energy potential and to assess in those locations the ...


Policy drivers of farm succession and inheritance

B Leonard, A Kinsella, C O'Donoghue, M Farrell… - Land Use Policy, 2017

Abstract Farm succession and inheritance is increasingly considered a complex 
phenomenon which not only affects core dimensions of farm family life but also the 
agricultural sector more widely. Intergenerational farm transfer in particular is increasingly ...


[PDF] and Mare Sarr

M Bezabih, R Ruhinduka - 2016

Abstract This article assesses the consequential risk impacts of the recent system of rice 
intensification (SRI) implemented in the Morogoro region of Tanzania, one of the largest 
Semi-Arid regions, using household and farm plot level data extended to incorporate ...


Daylight saving time can decrease the frequency of wildlife–vehicle collisions

WA Ellis, SI FitzGibbon, BJ Barth, AC Niehaus… - Biology Letters, 2016

Abstract Daylight saving time (DST) could reduce collisions with wildlife by changing the 
timing of commuter traffic relative to the behaviour of nocturnal animals. To test this idea, we 
tracked wild koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) in southeast Queensland, where koalas ...


[PDF] Assessment of Farmers' Perceptions of and Willingness to Pay for Aflasafe Ke01, a Biological Control for Aflatoxins in Kenya

BG Migwi - 2016

Aflatoxin contamination of key staples compromises quality of food products, trade and 
health of consumers whereas acute exposure can be fatal. Aflasafe KE01 is a promising 
biological control product in the management of aflatoxin contamination of key staples ...


Assessing long‐term effects of multiple, potentially confounded drivers in ecosystems from species traits

M Floury, P Usseglio‐Polatera, C Delattre, Y Souchon - Global Change Biology, 2016

Abstract Although species traits have the potential to disentangle long-term effects of 
multiple, potentially confounded, drivers in ecosystems, this issue has received very little 
attention in the literature. We aimed at filling this gap by assessing the relative effects of ...


Progress in Renewable Energies Offshore: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore (RENEW2016), Lisbon, Portugal, 24-26 …

CG Soares - 2016


[HTML] Identifying regions vulnerable to habitat degradation under future irrigation scenarios

M Terrado, S Sabater, V Acuña - Environmental Research Letters, 2016

Abstract The loss and degradation of natural habitats is a primary cause of biodiversity 
decline. The increasing impacts of climate and land use change affect water availability, 
ultimately decreasing agricultural production. Areas devoted to irrigation have been ...


AgNP/Bi/Nafion‐modified Disposable Electrodes for Sensitive Zn (II), Cd (II), and Pb (II) Detection in Aerosol Samples

J Mettakoonpitak, J Mehaffy, J Volckens, CS Henry - Electroanalysis, 2016

Abstract A new method for modifying electrodes with Ag nanoparticles (AgNPs) using 
electrospray deposition for sensitive, selective detection of Zn (II), Cd (II), and Pb (II) in 
aerosol samples when combined with Bismuth and Nafion coating and square-wave ...



RO Coffie

Abstract New agricultural technologies for rice farmers are vital to raising agricultural 
productivity and food security in sub-Saharan Africa. However, adoption and diffusion of 
such technologies has been slow. In this paper, we survey farmers in two rice production ...


[PDF] Investigation of Noise Levels Within Al-Muthanna University in Al-Muthanna Province/Iraq

HM Selman

ABSTRACT Noise pollution around the Al-Muthanna university in Al-Samawah city was 
measured to study the effects on the teaching-learning processes and performance of both 
teachers and students during November and December 2014. Digital Sound Level Meter ( ...


Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism


Abstract Marine and coastal ecosystems are of high importance owing to the mankind 
dependence on the goods and services provided. Due to the lack of an official market to 
valuate non-marketed goods and services, contingent valuation is applied intensively in ...


[PDF] Viešųjų investicijų projektų kuriamos socialinės naudos kompleksinis vertinimas

J Baranauskienė - 2015

Mokslo daktaro disertacija rengta 2011–2015 metais Aleksandro Stulginskio universitete 
pagal suteiktą Vytauto Didžiojo universitetui, ISM Vadybos ir ekonomikos universitetui, 
Aleksandro Stulginskio universitetui, Mykolo Romerio universitetui ir Šiaulių universitetui ( ...


A decision model for intergenerational life-cycle risk assessment of civil infrastructure exposed to hurricanes under climate change

JY Lee, BR Ellingwood - Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 2016

Abstract Public awareness of civil infrastructure performance has increased considerably in 
recent years as a result of repeated natural disasters. Risks from natural hazards may 
increase dramatically in the future, given current patterns of urbanization and population ...


[HTML] Harmonious Development between Socio-Economy and River-Lake Water Systems in Xiangyang City, China

Q Zuo, Z Luo, X Ding - Water, 2016

Please select whether you prefer to view the MDPI pages with a view tailored for mobile 
displays or to view the MDPI pages in the normal scrollable desktop version. This selection 
will be stored into your cookies and used automatically in next visits. You can also change ...

[PDF] Aplicabilidad del calor residual de centrales térmicas sitas en la UE–28 en redes de calefacción urbana

E Rosales Asensio - 2016

Alrededor del 80% de la energía utilizada en viviendas tiene como fin último proporcionar 
calefacción y agua caliente, lo que significa que potencialmente existirían unos 15 000 
PJ/año (4100 TWh) a ser satisfechos a través del calor residual de las centrales térmicas ...

High and Dry

W Climate Change

Executive Summary The impacts of climate change will be channeled primarily through the 
water cycle, with consequences that could be large and uneven across the globe. Water-
related climate risks cascade through food, energy, urban, and environmental systems. ...

[PDF] Parent Preferences for Baby Formula in China and Potential Implications for US Dairy Product Exports

H Cui - 2016

Abstract As the world's most populous country, with more than 16 million births every year, 
China has emerged as a large importer of baby formula. China's relaxation of the one-child 
policy, which was announced in 2015, is expected to increase the number of births ...

A hydroeconomic modeling framework for optimal integrated management of forest and water

A Garcia‐Prats, AD del Campo, M Pulido‐Velazquez - Water Resources Research

Abstract Forests play a determinant role in the hydrologic cycle, with water being the most 
important ecosystem service they provide in semiarid regions. However, this contribution is 
usually neither quantified nor explicitly valued. The aim of this study is to develop a novel ...

Health shocks and well-being

KF Zimmermann - The Indian Journal of Labour Economics

Abstract Well-being is the ultimate objective of any labour movement. For long, efforts have 
concentrated on the provision of jobs and decent work conditions. Recently, however, labour 
economics has been focussing on health, in general, and mental health, in particular. It is ...


[PDF] Non-perennial Mediterranean rivers in Europe: Status, pressures, and challenges for research and management

NT Skoulikidis, S Sabater, T Datry, MM Morais… - Science of The Total …, 2016

Abstract Non-perennial rivers and streams (NPRS) cover> 50% of the global river network. 
They are particularly predominant in Mediterranean Europe as a result of dry climate 
conditions, climate change and land use development. Historically, both scientists and ...


[PDF] Loss of Value in House Properties due to Air Pollution in Map Ta Phut Industrial Area of Thailand

N Boonyanam - Applied Environmental Research, 2016

Abstract Air pollution in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate in Thailand, has caused increasing 
risk of death, injury and health problems for local residents. Existing control measures are 
ineffective due to weak law enforcement. Although the problem has drawn a lot of ...


STM Dissanayake, P Jha, B Adhikari, R Bista…

Abstract [223 words]: Curbing deforestation is believed to be a highly cost-effective way to 
address climate change. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation 
(REDD+) is a UN program that provides incentives to reduce carbon emissions by curbing ...


[PDF] Estimating the impact of climbing bean adoption on bean productivity in Rwanda: Endogenous Switching Regression.

E Katungi, C Larochelle, J Mugaboo, R Buruchara - 2016

Abstract This paper investigates the determinants of the decision to switch from cultivating 
bush to high yielding climbing beans and estimates the causal impact of adoption of 
climbing beans on productivity based a nationally representative sample of bean ...

An integrated assessment framework for the analysis of multiple pressures in aquatic ecosystems and the appraisal of management options

A Pistocchi, A Udias, B Grizzetti, E Gelati, P Koundouri… - Science of The Total …, 2016

The contribution illustrates an integrated assessment framework aimed at evaluating the
relationships between multiple pressures and water body status for the p.

The Cattle-Wolf Dilemma: Interactions among Three Protected Species

N Becker, Y Farja - Environmental Management, 2016

Abstract This paper utilizes economic valuation to offer a new perspective on livestock 
rancher—predator conflicts. While most studies have considered losses to the species 
directly involved, ie, cattle and wolves (Canis lupus), we take into account other species ...

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According to Mendeley reference manager and academic social network her article:

Managing the effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems under water scarcity. The GLOBAQUA project
Navarro-Ortega, A., Acuña, V., Bellin, A., Burek, P., Cassiani, G., Choukr-Allah, R., Dolédec, S., Elosegi, A., Ferrari, F., Ginebreda, A., Grathwohl, P., Jones, C., Rault, P.K., Kok, K., Koundouri, P., Ludwig, R.P., Merz, R., Milacic, R., Muñoz, I., Nikulin, G., Paniconi, C., Paunovi?, M., Petrovic, M., Sabater, L., Sabaterb, S., Skoulikidis, N.T., Slob, A., Teutsch, G., Voulvoulis, N., Barceló, D.
Science of the Total Environment
volume 503-504, issue , year 2015, pp. 3 - 9

...has been cited in the following publications:

Evaluation of precipitation input for SWAT modeling in Alpine catchment: A case study in the Adige river basin (Italy) 
Tuo, Y., Duan, Z., Disse, M., Chiogna, G.
Science of the Total Environment
volume 573, issue , year 2016, pp. 66 - 82

Climate change and adaptive water management measures in Chtouka Aït Baha region (Morocco) 
Seif-Ennasr, M., Zaaboul, R., Hirich, A., Caroletti, G.N., Bouchaou, L., El Morjani, Z.E.A., Beraaouz, E.H., McDonnell, R.A., Choukr-Allah, R.
Science of the Total Environment
volume 573, issue , year 2016, pp. 862 - 875 

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