The January 2017 citations to Prof. Phoebe Koundouri articles

Here are the January 2017 new citations to Prof. Phoebe Koundouri (ICRE8, AUEB, LSE) articles bringing the total to 3572

According to google scholar her work has been cited lately in the following publications:


Modelling groundwater over-extraction in the southern Jordan Valley with scarce data

P Alfaro, T Liesch, N Goldscheider - Hydrogeology Journal, 2017

Abstract To deal with the challenge of groundwater over-extraction in arid and semi-arid 
environments, it is necessary to establish management strategies based on the knowledge 
of hydrogeological conditions, which can be difficult in places where hydrogeological data 


[PDF] ارزیابی همزمان کارایی تکنیکی و ریسک تولیدی سیب‌زمینی کاران استان اردبیل

حسین زاد, جواد, الفی, خدیجه, رشیدقلم, معصومه - تحقیقات اقتصاد و توسعه کشاورزی ایران, 2016

Page 1. ناﺮﯾا يزروﺎﺸﮐ ﻪﻌﺳﻮﺗ و دﺎﺼﺘﻗا تﺎﻘﯿﻘﺤﺗ ﻪﻠﺠﻣ هرود 2- 47 هرﺎﻤﺷ , 3، 1395 ) 597 - 589 ( * :لﻮﺌﺴﻣ هﺪﻨﺴﯾﻮﻧ داز
ﻦﯿﺴﺣ داﻮﺟ ﯽﺑﺎﯾزرا نﺎﻣﺰﻤﻫ ﺐﯿﺳ يﺪﯿﻟﻮﺗ ﮏﺴﯾر و ﯽﮑﯿﻨﮑﺗ ﯽﯾارﺎﮐ ﯽﻨﯿﻣز ﻞﯿﺑدرا نﺎﺘﺳا نارﺎﮐ
داز ﻦﯿﺴﺣ داﻮﺟ 1 * ﯽﻔﻟا ﻪﺠﯾﺪﺧ و 2 1، 2 ﺰﯾﺮﺒﺗ هﺎﮕﺸﻧاد يزروﺎﺸﮐ دﺎﺼﺘﻗا هوﺮﮔ يﺮﺘﮐد يﻮﺠﺸﻧاد و رﺎﯿﺸﻧاد ، :ﺖﻓﺎﯾرد ﺦﯾرﺎﺗ) 6


[PDF] A latent-class discrete-choice model to demonstrate how course attributes and student characteristics influence demand for economics electives: the challenge to …

RT Dillingham II - 2016

It would have been nearly impossible to complete a thesis such as this without the help of 
several individuals. I would first like to thank my mother, Lori Andrade, and my father, 
Reginald T. Dillingham, for their continuous encouragement and support to further my 


[PDF] Going Green To Be Seen: The Case of Biodiversity Protection on Farmland

R Pal, P Banerjee, A Wossink - 2017

Abstract We provide a framework to analyze the non-separability of self-interest and 
endogenous social preferences in the context of voluntary biodiversity protection on 
farmland. A farmer's social reward (esteem/disesteem) interacts with the proportion of the 


[PDF] Trade Impacts of Agricultural Support in the EU

A Matthews, L Salvatici, M Scoppola - 2017

ABSTRACT This paper aims at providing an overview of the most relevant trade issues 
raised by the current agricultural domestic and trade policies of the European Union (EU) 
and at drawing policy implications for the future of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) and 


[PDF] Behavioural mechanisms and adaptation to climate change

Y Nigussie - 2017

In Sub-Saharan Africa, climate change has a significant negative impact on the agricultural 
sector causing severe problems for smallholder farmers. Many smallholder farmers in 
developing countries depend on traditional farming systems which have little resilience to 



TK Gautam, D Bhatta - 2017

Abstract: The factors considered in using irrigation as a production strategy in Nepal has 
been different from many countries mainly because of geographical diversity, water 
availability and investment constraint. This paper identifies the factors affecting irrigation 


[PDF] Price Sensitivity of demand for arsenic testing of drinking-water wells: Evidence from Bihar, India

P Barnwal, J von der Goltz, CK Singh, A Van Geen

Abstract Groundwater contaminated with arsenic of natural origin poses a serious threat to 
the health of tens of millions of villagers across South and Southeast Asia. With a field 
experiment conducted in Bihar, this study estimates the demand for testing well water after 


[PDF] Comparative Economic Analysis of Beekeeping Using Traditional and Improved Beehives in the Miombo Woodlands of Tabora and Katavi Regions, Tanzania

NM Kuboja, AC Isinika, FTM Kilima - Special Issue: Edited Proceedings of the 4th …, 2016

Abstract: The study was carried out in Tabora and Katavi regions in the miombo woodlands 
of Tanzania. The overall objective of the study was to undertake a comparative economic 
analysis of beekeeping using improved or traditional beehives. Data were collected from 


[PDF] Three Essays on Environmental Economics

JD Lee - 2017

Three chapters are presented in this thesis, each in the field of environmental economics. 
The first chapter studies voting outcomes when people differ in their private expectations 
about marginal damages and the policy maker proposes an externality pricing instrument 


[PDF] Socio-psychological issues and their consequence on farmers' behavioural intention towards sustainable practices

WZ Nugusse, G Van Huylenbroeck, G Tesfay… - … International Conference on …, 2016

... Prof.Dr. Mustafa Erdoğdu Marmara University Prof.Dr. Mustafa Özbilgin Brunel University
Prof.Dr. Özer Çınar Yıldız Technical University Prof.Dr. Phoebe KoundouriAth. Uni. of Econ. and
Business Prof.Dr. Refika Bakoğlu Marmara University Prof.Dr. Rifat Skrijelj ...


Valuing Treated Wastewater and Reuse: Preliminary Implications From a Meta-Analysis

M Bouzit, S Das, L Cary - Water Economics and Policy, 2017

Over the past few years, several empirical studies have estimated the economic benefits of 
treating and reusing wastewater for different purposes and in different countries. This work 
has resulted in an expanded data pool potentially usable for evaluating the social and…


M Foltyn-Zarychta

–THE SOCIAL DISCOUNT RATE FOR POLAND Monika Foltyn-Zarychta University of Economics
in Katowice 7th International Research Meeting in…


[DOC] Evaluation économique des biens et services des forêts tunisiennes Rapport final

MK Tounsi

Cette étude est effectuée dans le cadre du programme de partenariat entre le Mécanisme 
pour les programmes forestiers nationaux et la FAO. L'évaluation des bénéfices forestiers en 
Tunisie permet de générer des indicateurs à caractère national et constitue une référence 


[PDF] Are land values related to ambient air pollution levels?: hedonic evidence from Mexico City

DR Heres, D Hernández Cortés, L Chakraborti - 2016

The average resident of Mexico City suffers unhealthy levels of air quality for the most part of 
the year. Nevertheless, the uneven distribution of firms and road traffic across the city, 
together with wind patterns and differences in microclimates generates localized pollution…

[PDF] A Bayesian Real Options Model for Adaptation to Catastrophic Risk under Climate Change Uncertainty

C Truong, S Trueck, TK Siu

Abstract We present a novel framework for the valuation of investments to mitigate 
catastrophic risk of climate impacted hazards. Our model incorporates the impact of 
uncertainty and continuous Bayesian information updating on investment decisions…

Climate change and water in the UK: Recent scientific evidence for past and future change

G Garner, DM Hannah, G Watts - Progress in Physical Geography, 2017

A changing climate is anticipated to alter hydroclimatological and hydroecological 
processes across the UK and around the world. This paper builds on a series of reports 
commissioned in 2012 (Water Climate Change Impacts Report Card [WCCRC], 2012) and…

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Phoebe Koundouri's research is in the spotlight, according to


Her chapter:

Foster, S., Kemper, K., Tuinhof, A., Koundouri, P., Nanni, N., Garduño, H., 2002-2006, Sustainable Groundwater Management Concepts and Tools: Natural Groundwater Quality Hazards: avoiding problems and formulating mitigation strategies. GW.MATE Briefing Notes Series, Note 14. Washington, DC: World Bank. REV 32196.,

…has reached 600 reads.


Her chapter:

Garduño, Stephen Foster1 Albert Tuinhof1 Héctor, and Karin Kemper Phoebe Koundouri Marcella Nanni. "Groundwater Resource Development in Minor Aquifers." 

…has reached 500 reads.


Her article:

Pistocchi, A., Udias, A., Grizzetti, B., Gelati, E., Koundouri, P., Ludwig, R., ... & Souliotis, I. (2017). An integrated assessment framework for the analysis of multiple pressures in aquatic ecosystems and the appraisal of management options. Science of The Total Environment575, 1477-1488.

... has reached 50 reads.


Her article: 

Genius, M., Koundouri, P., Nauges, C., & Tzouvelekas, V. (2013). Information transmission in irrigation technology adoption and diffusion: social learning, extension services, and spatial effects. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, aat054.

...has been cited in:

Blythe, J., Sulu, R., Harohau, D., Weeks, R., Schwarz, A.M., Mills, D., Phillips, M. (2017). Social Dynamics Shaping the Diffusion of Sustainable Aquaculture Innovations in the Solomon Islands. Sustainability 9(1), 126.


Her article: 

Genius, M., Koundouri, P., Nauges, C. and Tzouvelekas, V., 2013. Information transmission in irrigation technology adoption and diffusion: social learning, extension services, and spatial effects. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, p.aat054.

...has been cited in:

Masseroni, D., S. Ricart, F. R. de Cartagena, J. Monserrat, J. M. Gonçalves, I. de Lima, A. Facchi, G. Sali, C. Gandolfi, 2016. Prospects for improving gravity-fed surface irrigation systems in Mediterranean European contexts. Water (in press). [ISI]


Her article…

Koundouri, P. (2004). Econometrics Informing Natural Resources Management: Selected Case Studies. New Horizons in Environmental Economics Series, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

…has been cited in:

Adaman, F., Karalı, N., Kumbaroğlu, G., Or, İ., Özkaynak, B., & Zenginobuz, Ü. (2011). What determines urban households’ willingness to pay for CO 2 emission reductions in Turkey: A contingent valuation survey. Energy Policy39(2), 689-698.


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Researchers Jens RommelJulian SagebielJakob Robert Müller added an article that cites Phoebe Koundouri to their project "Energeno".


According to Elsevier CiteAlert

Her article:

Development of an integrated methodology for the sustainable environmental and socio-economic management of river ecosystems
Koundouri, P., Ker Rault, P., Pergamalis, V., Skianis, V., Souliotis, I.
Science of the Total Environment
volume 540, issue , year 2016, pp. 90 - 100

...has been cited in…

Assessing water ecosystem services for water resource management 
Grizzetti, B., Lanzanova, D., Liquete, C., Reynaud, A., Cardoso, A.C.
Environmental Science & Policy
volume 61, issue , year 2016, pp. 194 - 203

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