The December 2016 citations to Prof. Phoebe Koundouri articles

Here are the December 2016 new citations to Prof. Phoebe Koundouri (ICRE8, AUEB, LSE) articles bringing the total to 3492. 

According to google scholar her work has been cited lately in the following publications:


[PDF] Problems of Agricultural Economics


Abstract According to many researches, decoupled CAP subsidies capitalised on land  prices. Most studies on land prices carried out in Europe relate to the SPS system and  marginal changes in land values are noted as a result of the subsidising of agriculture…


[PDF] Tax Morale, Aversion to Ethnic Diversity, and Decentralization

A Belmonte, R Dell'Anno, D Teobaldelli - 2016

This paper analyzes the relationship between individuals' aversion to ethnic diversity, the  degree of fiscal and political decentralization, and tax morale. Our theory is based on the  assumption that individuals are risk averse in contributing to the provision of public goods…


[HTML] Mapping wetland loss and restoration potential in Flanders (Belgium): an ecosystem service perspective

K Decleer, J Wouters, S Jacobs, J Staes, T Spanhove… - Ecology and Society, 2016

ABSTRACT With the case of Flanders (northern part of Belgium) we present an integrated  approach to calculate accurate losses of wetlands, potentials for restoration, and their  ecosystem services supplies and illustrate how these insights can be used to evaluate and…


[PDF] Students' Performance and Behavior in Elementary and Higher Education

SP Herber

The first studies in the economics of education were concerned with recognizing human  capital as an investment good (Schultz, 1959, 1961; Becker, 1993) and to overcome the fact  that “our knowledge about national wealth is almost wholly restricted to the non-human…


Valuing ecosystem services for improved national accounting: A pilot study from Madagascar

L Onofri, GM Lange, R Portela, PALD Nunes - Ecosystem Services, 2017

Abstract The present paper proposes a micro-econometric methodology for the economic  valuation of the impact of ecosystem services in selected economic sectors. In the context of  natural capital and ecosystem accounting, we built a four steps valuation protocol…


Preference heterogeneity in energy discrete choice experiments: A review on methods for model selection

J Sagebiel - Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2017

Abstract Discrete choice experiments are increasingly utilized to inform policy makers in  various fields in energy on consumer preferences and willingness to pay values. When  translating the results into policy recommendations, it is often difficult for non-experts to…


[PDF] Implications for fisheries management by inclusion of marine ecosystem services

L Ravensbeck, A Hoff, H Frost - 2016

Abstract The application of ecosystem based management of the marine resources and  focus on ecosystem services will influence the methodologies used for assessing the  resources as well as the proposed regulation of the fisheries and other marine resources…


Strategies to improve sustainability and offset the initial high capital expenditure of wave energy converters (WECs)

S Foteinis, T Tsoutsos - Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2016

Abstract Wave energy is a nascent industry characterized by high capital costs, which  impede technological development and industry expansion. For this reason, new strategies  are required to improve sustainability, reduce cost and enable wave energy harnessing…


Valuing Water Resources in Turkey: A Case Study of Beyşehir Lake

L Croitoru, BB Divrak, J Xie - Journal of Environmental Protection, 2016

Water resource management is critical to Turkey's economy and environment. The country  has about 112 billion m3 per year of economically exploitable water. However, population  growth, climate change and pollution of water bodies are putting increasing pressure on…


Valuing farm access to irrigation in Nepal: A hedonic pricing model

J Joshi, M Ali, RP Berrens - Agricultural Water Management, 2017

Abstract The objective of this research is to quantify the economic value of access to  irrigation for agricultural lands in rural Nepal, while controlling for the effects of social  institutions that can either enhance or detract from agricultural production and land values…


Economic Impact of Integrated Pest Management Strategies for the Suppression of Mango-Infesting Fruit Fly Species in Africa

BW Muriithi, GM Diiro, H Affognon, S Ekesi - Fruit Fly Research and Development in …, 2016

Abstract Mango growers in Africa are faced with the severe challenge of controlling pests,  with the oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis being the most destructive. Conventional fruit fly  control in this region mainly involves the use of synthetic pesticides. Pesticides are…


[HTML] Marine Ecological Environment Management Based on Ecological Compensation Mechanisms

Q Qu, SB Tsai, M Tang, C Xu, W Dong - Sustainability, 2016

Please select whether you prefer to view the MDPI pages with a view tailored for mobile  displays or to view the MDPI pages in the normal scrollable desktop version. This selection  will be stored into your cookies and used automatically in next visits. You can also change…


Feasibility of adopting smart water meters in aquifer management: An integrated hydro-economic analysis

S Zekri, K Madani, MR Bazargan-Lari, H Kotagama… - Agricultural Water …, 2017

Abstract The feasibility of groundwater monitoring was investigated by a case study on  adopting smart water meters to measure groundwater extraction at individual farms and a  centralized online information management system to measure collective aquifer water…


[PDF] Private Market Alternatives for Maintaining Wetland Viability in Coastal Louisiana: A Double-Hurdle Approach

H Wang - 2016

Abstract The coastal zone of Louisiana contains more than three million wetland acres, or  about 40 percent of the nation's total. Since 1930, Louisiana has experienced a net loss of  over 1,900 square miles of coastal wetlands. Currently at risk are the remaining coastal…


Here is a link to Phoebe Koundouri citations according to google scholar.

According to Elsevier CiteAlert her article:

Environmental effects on public health: An economic perspective

Remoundou, K., Koundouri, P.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
volume 6, issue 8, year 2009, pp. 2160 – 2178

has been cited in:

Pollution externalities, endogenous health and the speed of convergence in an endogenous growth model 
Klarl, T.
Journal of Macroeconomics


Phoebe Koundouri's research is in the spotlight, according to!

Her book "Handbook on the Economics and Management for Sustainable Oceans" has reached 200 reads

Her chapter on “Groundwater dimensions of national water resource and river basin planning : promoting an integrated strategy” has reached 500 reads:

Garduno, Hector; Foster, Stephen; Nanni, Marcella; Kemper, Karin; Tuinhof, Albert; Koundouri, Phoebe. 2006. Groundwater dimensions of national water resource and river basin planning : promoting an integrated strategy. GW Mate Briefing Note series ; No. 10. Washington, DC: World Bank.

You can read it online in English, Spanish or Arabic.

The following paper, co-authored with Andreas Drichoutis has reached 1300 downloads:

Estimating Risk Attitudes in Conventional and Artefactual Lab Experiments: The Importance of the Underlying Assumptions

Andreas C. Drichoutis and Phoebe Koundouri (2012). Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 6 (2012-38): 1—15.

You can read it online or download it here.

With 124 new reads, she was the most read author from Athens University of Economics and Business in the last week of December.

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