Read the Sustainability Journal Special Issue on "Sustainable Management of Marine Resources under Uncertainty: Economic, Environmental and Social Aspects"

Prof. Phoebe Koundouri (ICRE8, AUEB, LSE) is the guest editor of the Sustainability Open Access Journal Special Issue "Sustainable Management of Marine Resources under Uncertainty: Economic, Environmental and Social Aspects".

Estimates of global oceanic economic activity’s value range between 3-6 trillion (USD)/year. Such activity includes a wide range of ocean-related industries, which contribute to both current and future economic development. In fact, offshore activities are expected to be intensified in the near future. In this context, the single most important challenge will be the development of an integrated framework of analysis for assessing the environmental, economic (including financial), and social sustainability aspects of offshore activities.

This Special Issue aims at building the needed integrated framework of analysis. Given the aforementioned three compounding levels of uncertainty, this is a challenge!

Eight open access papers have been published:

1. Participatory Design of Multi-Use Platforms at Sea

2. Boosting Blue Growth in a Mild Sea: Analysis of the Synergies Produced by a Multi-Purpose Offshore Installation in the Northern Adriatic, Italy

3. Consumer Acceptance of Eco-Labeled Fish: A Mexican Case Study

4. Impact of Oceanographic Environmental Shifts and Atmospheric Events on the Sustainable Development of Coastal Aquaculture: A Case Study of Kelp and Scallops in Southern Hokkaido, Japan

5. Towards Marine Spatial Planning in Southern Taiwan

6. Can Consumers Understand Sustainability through Seafood Eco-Labels? A U.S. and UK Case Study

7. A Proposed Methodology for Prioritizing Project Effects to Include in Cost-Benefit Analysis Using Resilience, Vulnerability and Risk Perception

8. Economic Risk and Efficiency Assessment of Fisheries in Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE): A Stochastic Approach

Read them online or download them here.

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